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Gumb is a 100% remote team. We believe it doesn't matter where you work, it matters with whom.

    The Gumb Story

    Gumb was launched in 2020 with the vision of making team planning and calendar organization fast, overview, and simple. Building on the legacy of "Teamplanbook", its predecessor from 2008, our scheduling platform today facilitates seamless calendar planning and team coordination for thousands of teams in Europe. Here’s how we got here.

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    Like many good stories, this one starts with a family project and a vision.

    My uncle, a lifelong passionate ice hockey goalie in Switzerland, founded 'Teamplanbook' in 2008. Inspired by this legacy, I, Dominik, founder and CEO of Gumb, took it forward in 2020. Gumb elevates this vision with multilingual, scalable technology, meeting the latest software development standards.

    Faced with 'Teamplanbook's limitations, we recognized the need for more effective community and club organization. We combined our experiences and family expertise to create Gumb, a platform that not only fills existing gaps but also grows with our users' needs.

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    CEO Dominik Frei

    Our Mission

    We believe in a perfectly organized community calendar. That’s why we’re creating the best way to make team planning and calendar organization fast, clear, and simple.

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    At the heart of our value creation we center
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    What are our core values?

    The basis of all our decisions

    • User-oriented
    • Open
    • Continuously improve
    • Global & local

    We focus on the user

    Everything we do must start and end with our users in mind. We advocate for you, your club, your association and team, and we aim to exceed your expectations with everything we do.