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Order of members? 🔄

🔄 How to Adjust Member Order:

With just a few clicks to perfect organization: Here's how you change the order of members in groups, which is then automatically updated in the Scheduler.

👥 Sorting Within a Group:
  • Select a group and open the "Members" tab.
  • Adjust the order using the slider.
  • After moving members, refresh the page to see the new order. This change will be reflected both in the group and in the Scheduler.

💻 Availability of the Sorting Function:
  • The sorting function is currently available only in the web version.
  • Synchronization with Android and iOS devices will happen automatically.

📅 Note for Scheduler Users Without Groups:
  • If no groups exist and only the Scheduler is used, an A-Z sorting will be displayed.
  • Direct sorting in the Scheduler is not currently possible.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us through our contact form.