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1. Install Gumb

Web App (works with all popular browsers): https://web.gumb.app/ 💻

Website: https://gumb.app/

iOS in the Apple App Store: Click here 🍏

Android in the Google Play Store: Click here 📚

2. Log In

a. New here?

Click on "Create a Free Account" using the links provided above. Make sure your account is verified → Check your email inbox (including spam folder) to complete the verification process.

b. Received an invitation with a temporary password?

Use the invitation link sent by your admin and click "Join Now". Use the provided temporary password and change it later in the settings.

c. Already have an account? (possibly from "Teamplanbuch")

Use your "Teamplanbuch" account and click on "Forgot Password?" to reset it. If that doesn’t work, click on "Create a Free Account".

3. Complete Your Profile

a. Complete your profile

Empty profiles aren't useful. Please complete your Gumb profile with a photo and address. This makes communication easier for your team and the admins.

b. Adjust permissions

By default, admins have the permission to complete your profile (recommended). To change this, open the web version on your computer and go to: Profile → Settings → Permissions.

4. Join the Community

a. Without an invitation/link

Haven’t received an invitation or link? Create a Free Account and contact a "Gumb Admin" with your registered email. If the admin recognizes your email, they can add you to the members list with a single click.

b. Received a joining link?

If you already have an account but aren’t a member of your community, use this link to send a joining request to the admins. They'll review your request and approve it. If you run into issues, refer to section 4.a and inform the admin about your registered email.

Support & Info

Alternatively, Gumb Support is here to help. Please reach out via our contact form or email: support@gumb.app