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Upgrade Your Gumb Plan ⬆️

If your community already has a Gumb subscription, you can change it anytime. 👍🏼 Here's what you can do:

  • Change the number of communities: Add or remove communities as your needs change.
  • Change the payment interval: Switch between monthly and yearly billing. 🗓️


When you change your subscription, your current subscription will end, and a new one will begin. Don't worry, you'll receive a credit for any unused time in your current subscription, which will be applied to your payment method (we'll notify you via email, or you can contact us here). You won't lose any money by switching subscriptions. 😊

How It Works:
  1. Go to Your Profile: Log in to the Gumb web app (https://web.gumb.app/) using your owner email address.
  2. Open Subscription Management: Click on "Subscription" in your profile menu.
  3. Cancel Current Subscription: First, click "Cancel Membership." Don't worry, your data will be safe! This step is necessary to end your old subscription.
  4. Change Subscription and Start a New One: After canceling, choose "Change plan" Select your new plan and follow the instructions to complete the payment.
  5. Refund: You'll receive a prorated refund for any unused time in your current subscription.

Questions? Our support team is happy to help! ⇾ Contact Form