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Multiple Teams, One Subscription 💼

At Gumb, it's easy to manage multiple teams with just one subscription. This is perfect for larger organizations, clubs, or companies with several independent teams under one roof. 💼

How It Works
  1. The Creator is the Owner: When you create a community (team), you automatically become the owner. 👑 Only the owner can create additional communities and manage them all under a single subscription.
  2. Multiple Communities, One Subscription: As the owner, you can create as many communities as you need and pay for only one subscription. 💰 For example, a sports club with multiple teams ⚽🏀🏐 can create a separate community for each team.
  3. Independent Teams: Each community is independent and can designate its own administrators (leaders) who can customize all settings, like notifications 🔔 or push notifications 📱.
  4. Schedules and Groups: Each community has its own calendar 📅 and group planner to organize events and activities.
  5. Appoint Additional Admins: The owner can appoint additional admins in each community to share management responsibilities. 🤝🏻

  • Cost Savings: You only pay for one subscription, no matter how many teams you manage. ✅
  • Flexibility: Each team can operate independently and manage its own settings. ⚙️
  • Easy Management: The owner maintains an overview of all teams and can intervene if necessary. 👀


A soccer club with 12 teams can create a separate community for each team. The club board is the owner and can manage all communities with one subscription. Each team can then appoint its own coaches as admins who can handle communication and organization within the team. ⚽

  • Only the owner of the community can create additional communities and manage the subscription.
  • To use multiple communities with one subscription, all communities must be created by the same owner.

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