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Upload/Import Events – How it Works!

With Gumb, you can easily import or upload your event list using a CSV or Excel file. This saves you time and helps you avoid mistakes from manual entry.

Step 1: Download Template or Prepare Your Own File
  1. Open the Gumb web app and go to "Import" in the scheduler.
  2. Either: Download the Excel template.
  3. Or: Prepare your own Excel file. Make sure it's in the correct format: Column headers: Must be exactly as shown in English (copy and paste them from here for accuracy):
  4. event_name, event_type_name, event_location, event_date (DD-MM-YYYY), event_start_time, event_end_time, event_description

Step 2: Prepare Data (Only if Using the Template)
  1. Open the template in Excel.
  2. Fill in the template with your event details. Follow the format shown in the examples for each column.
  3. New event types will be added automatically.

Step 3: Save CSV and Upload File
  1. Save the completed Excel file as a CSV file (under "File" → "Save As").
  2. Click "Choose File" and select the saved CSV file.
  3. Click "Upload."

Step 4: Review Data
  1. Review the preview of your events.
  2. Adjust the activated members for each event as needed.
  3. Click "Confirm & Import."

You're Done!

Your events have been successfully imported and are now visible in the scheduler.

Important Notes:
  • You can undo the import at any time.
  • Uploading a new list will not delete the old list. Delete unwanted events manually beforehand.
  • If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact us through our contact form.

Upload Import Events - Gumb

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